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Well, thats about to learn. After BITMAPFILEHEADER structures and BITMAPINFOHEADER is palette. Moreover, if the Format bespalitrovy, it may not be, however, count on it not. The fact is that when I started to deal with Formatom bmp, in one book I read that supposedly if bespalitrovy Format, then it is not at all palettes. There were even two pictures - Formata schemes: one with the palette, the other without. And this time I wrote a program that operates on a hard bmp-Skum. And I had to convert the incoming images from the 256 colors in 24-bit (if any) to the temporary file. And I'm in a 24-bit palette just created (bfOffBits of structure BITMAPFILEHEADER I was equal to the sum sizeof (BITMAPFILEHEADER) + sizeof (BITMAPINFOHEADER), and included a 24-bit left unchanged.

Palette is a structure array RGBQUAD going after each other. Even if the panel does not use all the color (and only, for example, 16), it is often still a palette assign 256 fields. A 256 * 4 = 1024, where the 4 - the size of the structure RGBQUAD, that is, and get the same one kilobyte.

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