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Created AT & T Labs Technology DJVU was in early 2000, sold to the American company LizardTech, with the main aim of this step was to begin to actively promote development of their offspring on the market. New owners have released a set of solutions, focused on the use of electronic publishing. Today LizardTech offers two main products: the package DjVu Solo 3.1 for small businesses and DjVu Enterprise 3.1 for enterprise users. Both products are completely new trend in the publishing industry - the field of electronic publishing, and speaking more precisely, by the so-called Web-scanning - technology transfer documentation in electronic Format simultaneous possibility of its location in the Internet.

the successful implementation of these technologies contributes to an extremely compact Format received files, including in DjVu-document hyperlinks and search engines, as well as software tools to visually highlight the most important parts of the document. The link between the new and yet Formatom Internet is the usual Web-browser that easily "learns" scientific view DjVu-files by installing the software upgrade - DjVu Web Browser, which can be downloaded for free from Web-site LizardTech(

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