Of common image Formatov GIF uniquely inferior to compression only Formatu JPEG. (Strictly speaking, the acronym JPEG - from the name of the organization "Joint Photographic Experts Group" - denotes not the Format, a lossy compression algorithm used in Formate JFIF, "JPEG File Interchange Format", and some others. File with the . jpeg or. jpg - this is usually a file Formata JFIF, in which data is compressed by technology JPEG.)

But his impressive results JPEG up, if I may say so, is not quite legal means - while this Formate picture quality, and remarkable technology JPEG is that it allows to achieve significant gains in the amount of at the lowest visible to the eye in a loss quality. Unlike JPEG, Format GIF uses conventional "lossless" ("lossless compression"). Another advantagem JPEG over GIF is the ability to store full-color images with 16 million colors ("true color", "true color"), while GIF is limited to only 256-color palette.

usually recommend using Format JPEG images only, which reduced quality, and related compression on this technology, the least noticeable. Would be correct, however, to share all the images on a "man-made", containing sharp contrast of colors or large areas flooded uniform "flat" color and "natural" - those in which all the smooth, non-uniform and not too clear . Obviously, the images generated by a computer, - logos, text, titles, etc. - More on this classification, belong to the "artificial", and scan photos and drawings - a "natural." Often, however, exceptions to this rule.

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