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The most common compression Format - jPEG Qoint Photografic Experts Group is the name of a group of experts in the field of photography, who developed the algorithm coding). jPEG lets you create and store an image vysokogokachestva and relatively small size, the image of this Formate can watch almost any computer. RazmeryjREG-faylovneveliki, so these images are best suited for the web. Files jPEG little compressed archive utility.

Formata this compression method is based on the fact that the human eye sees color much worse than the black-and-white image. If the color information not save completely, "by eye ~ it will be quite noticeable. So in pamyatikamery retained only part of the information carried by the matrix. Due to the fact that part of the information deliberately sacrificed to reduce image distortion compressed using jPEG-image method izbezhatnevozmozhno. But this method can reduce the amount of recording image dozens of times and thus save memory.

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