limitations Formatą JPEG

It would seem, Format szhatiyajREG ideal for graphics files. But the trouble with image compression in this Format of the information inevitably spoiled or lost. In addition, in the process of editing a file in Formate jPEG, especially after repeated its preservation, in the image of accumulated errors of lossy compression: reduces sharpness, reduces the number of colors, there are of visible compression artifacts (moire images) and noise.

See how much information is lost! If your camera saves images only jPEG, it means that the image has been saved with the loss. Then the amount of the loss increases as the image being edited and re-exposed to the preservation and compression. And if you send a photo to elektronnoypochte, the mail program will compress the image again - and so it will again lose some of the information, and along with it the quality of the image.

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