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Files Formata RAW (raw translated to English means "raw"), sometimes called the "digital negative" - ??because of its rich possibilities for further processing in a graphics editor. This includes even the Format bolsheinformatsii than TIFF, taking up much less space.

RAW-file is a snapshot of information from the CCD camera, that is digitized luminance signal from each sensor. Each firm and has his own class of camera, as each camera manufacturer has its own, incompatible with competitors Format RAW.


  In fact, in this Formate remove all digital cameras, just not all give the result of shooting outside. But if the camera supports this Format as external, the software supplied with the camera, be sure to have a program that converts it into a digestible informatsiyuiz Format (usually TIFF and JPEG) and is used for the image processing unit.

Format RAW called "one-time ~, re-save the file as it nevozmozhno.Mnogie amateur photographers who are crazy about the properties Formata RA W, because the conversion of RAW-files on your computer allows you to use a more complicated sophisticated interpolation algorithms, and because that errors in it can be corrected immediately after the shooting.

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