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With a digital camera, pressing the shutter button, the resulting matrix is ??the light output and converts it into a "figure." Then he gets into the buffer memory of the camera, processed, compressed in JPEG (or TIFF) and recorded on a memory card. Contents of the buffer it is the RAW file, or digital negative.

other words, RAW is a digital signal obtained directly from the matrix camera and recorded to a file without any processing by the processor. Raw RAW-file contains information on all the elements of light-sensitive and can not be saved is compressed.

question naturally arises: what if I do not handle the buffer processor camera and recorded on a memory card and a more powerful processor to handle the computer? As a result, you can use more complex algorithms that can give the best result. That is what has to shoot in RAW.

Thus, the photographer gets a wide range of image processing. You can manually adjust the exposure up to 3 EV (photos can lighten dark, light - dim), change the white balance and contrast of light and shadow, adjust color saturation, and if necessary, to eliminate noise. In other words, you can convert the image as you see it, and not far from the ideal electronic digital camera.

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