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If Format RAW match all manufacturers, it would be very convenient in terms of software compatibility. In history there have been attempts to create a universal standard for digital negative, similar to JPEG and TIFF. The most successful of them - Format Digital Negative (DNG) from Adobe, which has been applied in some recent FCC (Leica M8, Pentax K10D, Samsung GX-10). However, this is - an exception to the general rule.

Not only that, each manufacturer is promoting its own standard "raw" files (CR2, NEF, PEF, the variation with the extension RAW), so also within the range of one manufacturer FORMAT  are not the same: as a rule, for each new generation of the CTF requires a software update.

FORMAT  differ not only in terms of data structures. Sometimes manufacturers save space on memory cards, using compression "raw" data (eg, in the case of Nikon Electronic Format). In theory, the compression may result in minor loss of quality. In practice, even minimal losses are absent. Only drawback is that the very process of compression takes away resources and can affect the speed of recording images. "Raw» Format Pentax (PEF) represents the opposite approach.

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