Importing Formats TIFF


TIFF file in Formate can be imported by many applications, including QuarkXPress, PageMaker and InDesign. For this Formata recognized color profiles, and optional color management options. Programs QuarkXPress, PageMaker and InDesign can perform color separation for a picture whose CMYK mode and stored in the Formate TIFF.

The Photoshop can save layers in Formate TIFF, for this select Layers (Layers). You can also enable the conservation plan muscular-color channels and the notes to the file.

to access advanced features Formata TIFF execute commands Edit> Preferences> File Handling (Edit> Preferences> Saving Files) and select Enable advanced TIFF save options (Include additional saving options Formata TIFF).

Only a few programs for layout and graphics editors can work with layers in Formate TIFF, so when you import images in TIFF Formate union operation is applied layers.

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